Are you living an extraordinary life?

What is the gift of living an extraordinary life?  Having balance, peace, joy and a sense of freedom internally that is fulfilling and has meaning.

When you are unaware of what makes you tick, what your passions and loves in life are, you can often follow a path that is unrewarding, confusing and can make life boring.

The benefit of getting to know yourself at a deeper level through the exercise below can give you uplifting inspiration, take you into a different direction in life, and even give you realizations that you are not on your true path, one that is uniquely yours!

So how do you give yourself this gift? You start to explore your life in all its dynamics and contexts and see what is happening in each area.  I go into this in depth and give you exercises in my book “Dig Deep and Fly High – Reclaim your Zest and Vitality by Loving Yourself from Inside Out to explore this.

Just for now, find a quiet place, perhaps in nature and reflect on the different aspects of your life that I have listed below.  On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being low, 10 being the highest score, check into to see how you rate yourself in each of the following areas that I have listed below:-

§  Intimate Relationships – your love life, partnerships and marriage

§  Self Recognition – how you see yourself in the world

§  Health and Family – your background history and state of health

§  Prosperity, Abundance and Fortunate Blessings – how you manifest in life

§  Creativity and Your Inner Child – your creativity and childlike playfulness

§  Career and your Life Path – your passions and talents expressed through your work

§  Inner Knowledge and Intuition – how well do you know yourself and use intuition

§  Support, Helpful Friends and Fun – the support and fun you experience

§  Unity – your light energy vibration, balance and general flow

So how does this look and feel for you?  Have you scored yourself lower in some areas than others?  How does that make you feel?

Knowing this information gives you a current roadmap of your life. It gives you a heads up start of knowing where some of your motivations lie and what values drive your life.

Along with understanding how your subconscious mind works, this is another useful piece of information in getting to understand who you are and are not at your core.

As you slowly undo the ego’s mindset, see the separation from your true nature, you start to understand what drives your actions and behaviours. These are the clues you need to start living your life in an extraordinary way, and being joyful, peaceful and free.

Penelope Aelfin is a spiritual mentor and guide, author and public speaker. Known as the Soul Separation Detective, Penelope is on a mission to help women who think they ‘have it all’ but secretly feel lost and lonely, discover how to really love themselves unconditionally, no matter what.

She is the founder and CEO of Heal Your Separation™ and the creator of the Heal Your Separation and Soul Remembrance Journey.


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