"Separation is the curse of humanity. When we heal our separation,
we heal our world." ~ Penelope Aelfin

Penelope's Bio

Known as the Soul Separation Detective, Penelope Aelfin is on a mission to help women who thought they ‘have it all’ but secretly feel lost and lonely, discover how to really love themselves unconditionally, no matter what.

A former personal growth junkie, Penelope sought all her life for love and connection and could never fully find it—until she found herself.

Having felt disconnected from herself and therefore everyone else for most of her life, Penelope is continuously awakening into a deeper and richer state of self love that only few know first-hand.

Today she sources her work from an infinite, overflowing well of wisdom, reconnecting each soul with their own divinity and greater purpose. Her unconditional compassionate heart combined with her witty and detective sense allows her to laser into the core of her client’s most hidden blind spots and deeply buried wounds, and bring them into the light.

Her radical Self Love process leads her clients to live lives and relationships full of intimacy, connection and bliss. Her clients find respect for themselves and a new reverence for the magic of living and loving from one’s own soul essence.

Growing up in England, Penelope followed her own adventurous Spirit and emigrated to Australia in the 70ties to find her dream life and career.

A former Clinique management executive and beauty consultant trainer, Penelope is a certified Specialized Kinesiologist, certified NLP Master Practitioner, certified Quantum Reading facilitator and Theta practitioner.

She consulted various companies in commercial Interior Design and Feng Shui. She holds degrees and certifications in alternative naturopathic Healing Methods.

She is the founder and CEO of Heal Your Separation™ and the creator of the Heal Your Separation and Soul Remembrance Journey and the Soul Magnificence and Mastering Self Love Retreat Intensives.

Penelope resides in Sydney, Australia from where she serves clients from all over the world.

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