"Love is pure, love is healing. When we learn to love ourselves unconditionally,
we heal" ~ Penelope Aelfin

Facts You didn't Know About Penelope

1. I love cats, especially those who find me and need a home.

2. I cry easily in movies.

3. One of my favourite places to relax is walking on the beach in the rain.

4. I was head girl at my school.

5. I love playing tennis and I am good at it!

6. My favourite way to listen to music is when I am dancing, especially in front of a lovely fire.

7. I have saved three people’s life when they were having a heart attack by being at the right place at the right time and getting them to hospital.

8. I am sometimes called fluffy or a fluff bucket cos I like things that are sparkly and colourful, odd, quirky and not necessarily in the mainstream news.

9. I have an uncanny knack in finding out other people’s secrets.

10. I am passionate about fairness, justice and equality for all and that truth is exposed.

11. I use to be a collector of things, from stamps, to golliwogs, teddy bears and all things soft and a few others in between.

12. I love my friends passionately and support them all the way. I love to laugh a lot over silly things with them!

13. I have travelled a lot, and always wanted to discover hidden treasure on my way!

14. I care deeply that we get to a place in our world that we treat nature and animals as equals to humans, and ALSO other humans regardless of who they are and where they come from.

15. I believe that we are on a planet where we all need to wake up to our own sovereignty, and treat each other with respect, love and kindness. Then we would have a peaceful world to live in.

16. Impactful movies and fairy tales are Bambi, Helen of Troy, Wizard of Oz, Sleeping Beauty and Thumbelina.

17. My totem animals are eagle, wolf, bear, deer and butterfly.

18. Our family line goes back to the 7th century of Saxon origin. The name Aelfin is a derivative of the original name meaning ‘elf beauty’ or ‘noble beauty’ and I even have pointy ears to prove it! Or perhaps I’m also a relation of Dr. Spock!

19. I love flowers, especially those with the fragrance of spring.

20. I believe that vulnerability is a strength and we all seem to have one sacred wound to heal that blocks us – mine is shame.

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