How do you see Yourself?

How do you see yourself? How well do you know yourself at your deepest core?  Yes, a very deep and penetrating question. Can you answer this with true discernment? Have you ever contemplated this at all?

How would you describe yourself? Do you see yourself as an individual identity with a body?  Do you see yourself as separate to other people and other objects in your life? Or do you see yourself as connected with everyone and everything around you as part of the collective energy of spirit? You may be confused, perhaps you can say yes to both aspects!

Does your life flow with ease? Do you see yourself as struggling with life? Are you hard on yourself? Is your life what you want it to be?  Does it reflect your deepest passions? Are you doing what you love in life or are you continually busy and distracted with worries about family, career and financials etc.? Are you being and doing what is important to you?

The big question is if any of the above rings a bell for you – how do you see yourself? What are you doing that does not reflect your inner truth?

There are a few easy ways to start your inquiry.

  1. Start observing your thought patterns, habits and behaviours. Write a journal each day, empty your mind of the chatter.
  2. Allow yourself some quiet time each day in which to do nothing but relax giving you some personal space.
  3. Do one thing for yourself that nurtures you. A walk in the park, a massage, coffee with a friend.  Give yourself the gift.

These small things allow you to take off the pressure of life’s merry-go-round and gradually you start to see yourself in another way, perhaps a more gentle and loving way.

By getting to know yourself as the truly magnificent being you are, it takes a journey of inner delving to ferret out all the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours you have adopted throughout your life to keep you safe and secure in this world.  This is something you do gradually over time, and not overnight.

When you get to know yourself at this exquisite level, you are no longer able to stay in denial of your truth.  So face the truth of what masks you have built that you hide behind, keeping the patterns of separation going that keep you stuck. Seeing and knowing yourself at this deep place is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  It brings true freedom, joy, peace and love to you and the world around you.

Remember, as a human being on this planet you are here for a very special purpose, to evolve and grow, to learn who you have forgotten you are. You are here to fulfill your potential, to learn how to be the ultimate human, and live from your essence with wisdom. You are here as love, learning to love unconditionally, letting go of your attachments and your beliefs, letting go and surrendering to all that is and see your magnificence and the truth of your essence!

Penelope Aelfin is a spiritual mentor and guide, author and public speaker. Known as the Soul Separation Detective, Penelope is on a mission to help women who think they ‘have it all’ but secretly feel lost and lonely, discover how to really love themselves unconditionally, no matter what.

She is the founder and CEO of Heal Your Separation™ and the creator of the Heal Your Separation and Soul Remembrance Journey.


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