If someone pushes your buttons, a gift is given

On an egoic basis, the internal picture that you hold about yourself and your world is supported by your fears, emotions, beliefs, attitudes and past decisions. These are stored at a deep subconscious level from childhood.  Pain and wounds that you carry are parts of you not fully expressed as your natural self.  They create a false sense of reality from which you perceive the world.

At times do you feel sad or fearful?  Have you ever felt rejected or abandoned?  Are anger or guilt and issue for you? Do you feel unimportant or unloved?  All are deep pains coming from childhood that you have stored that create masks hiding your brilliance and divinity, and are not a true picture of you at your core.

What is so brilliant is that you have an inbuilt mechanism whereby you can see what your hidden wounds are by the outside world reflecting back to you what is going on internally. How great is that?

So how does this work?

When you feel threatened you automatically view your family, friends and business colleagues through filters of your own unresolved internal pain and wounds you have buried deeply in your subconscious mind from childhood.  When these wounds, pains and challenges first appeared you gave them meaning about who and what you were. When not healed you eventually use them as patterns of defense reinforcing these self-beliefs even more and creating an illusion and false reality of yourself and your world.

So when someone pushes your buttons…

  1. Know that this is something unresolved in you and you are just being given a sign that something internally needs resolution. Now you are able to do something about this.
  2. Take the necessary steps to resolve this
  3. Forgive both yourself and the messenger and be grateful to that person as they are giving you a gift and an opportunity to heal!

If you see your outside world as a small reflection that something needs resolution in your internal state of being. Check in and go easy with yourself, see this as an opportunity to love yourself more than ever before, that way turning the situation around makes it easier.  As an example, if a dear friend or partner does something to irritate you or make you feel sad, angry or guilty. See them with compassion and send them love. For yourself, if it is triggering you there is a message there for you to see what pains and wounds need your attention. Remember – this person is only the messenger, and it’s never about them, only you!  This way you get to see what blocks you put in the way of seeing your true self.

Looking inward allows you to see the separateness and duality that you are playing out, which is not reflective of the truth of who you are.  I call these signposts – a gift in themselves. So remember, the outside world is giving you these signposts for you to love yourself more from the inside out.

Penelope Aelfin is a spiritual mentor and guide, author and public speaker. Known as the Soul Separation Detective, Penelope is on a mission to help women who think they ‘have it all’ but secretly feel lost and lonely, discover how to really love themselves unconditionally, no matter what.

She is the founder and CEO of Heal Your Separation™ and the creator of the Heal Your Separation and Soul Remembrance Journey.

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