"My purpose is to help heal the separation on the planet,
so we can love and accept ourselves,
and live in harmony." ~ Penelope Aelfin

A Wonder-filled Life

Expanding into my greatest potential

My everyday life is an exciting exploration of what’s possible as I live into my greatest potential.

I know nothing can beat me to the ground anymore and I am eternally grateful for this gift. Whatever comes my way, whether it’s considered ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ I answer it with my curiosity, knowing that each and every day is a rich blessing and an adventure.

I now realize that there is nothing outside of me. The love I so wanted and needed from others, I am learning to give myself, multifold. Intimacy with myself is my no 1 objective. Radical self care is the key. Kindness and gentleness with myself has allowed me to be on a journey of loving myself. Self respect, self worth and validation are the rewards.

Today my life is full of richness. I rejoice in the freedom of knowing I am enough just by being who I am. I know it is safe for me to be open, vulnerable, loving and surrender to all that is. I have faith at the deepest level of my core that whatever shows up in my life presents another step forward on my journey of expanding into a higher vibration.

From self denial to self love

I’ve come back from the brink of desolation. Having grown up in post WW2 England, whilst I had loving parents, I was never shown in a way I understood what it’s like to be truly loved. I felt isolated, lonely, excluded, unimportant and unlovable from my early childhood all the way up into my early 30ties. Naturally, I searched for love, validation and appreciation in all the wrong places. Two marriages, countless relationships and affairs later, after having moved to three different continents and switched lots of jobs and career paths, I was brought to my knees. I was at the end of my tether.

The silent despair continued for almost 30 years. In each relationship I thought there would be more passion. In each marriage I thought there would be more hope. In each career path I thought I would give me the answer I had been looking for. The problem was I worked so hard at fixing myself in an effort to create a connection. But I wasn’t connected to myself. No matter if other people felt connected to me, I couldn't feel connected to them. That’s when I realized I had to change the perception I had of my world.

Dis-eases that have incapacitated me at times. When it came to healing myself from arthritis, iritis, depression and various skin and nerve sensitivities, traditional medicine failed. These chronic conditions have overshadowed years of of my life. Luckily I’ve diligently studied and practiced alternative health modalities that have returned me to a pain-free body. Along the way, I’ve also learned how to manage any stress that comes my way and be at peace in my body.

Changing my perception has changed my life. Once I understood that all my challenges stemmed from the perception I had of my childhood and how I saw the characters act out in my film of life, I had the key to come through those dark times to realize that only I had the power to make the changes I wanted.

A journey of self love

I’m continuously letting go of patterns and generational conditionings that have kept me stuck. While my self-criticism and judgement may still rear their ugly heads at times, they no longer hold me hostage. I can smile at them now and let them go, along with all the other negative mental attitudes, behaviours and habits that no longer define me.

I am consciously creating completely new neural patterns in my brain and physiology. As a benefit I experience very different emotions that bring me to a place of deeper connection in my inner world, and with my intimate relationships, colleageues, friends and family.

Today I enjoy the space of living my life in a much lighter, expanded and joyful state. I find the daily practice of loving myself as one of the master keys to a much more enjoyable existence. I have heaps of energy and a zest for living that I only had glimpses of before - now I know what is possible. And what is so great...it takes alot these days to disturb me on the inside. And I am loving it!

Using my wisdom to elevate others

For the last few years I’ve been on a path that’s tested my strength and courage of who I am as a divine human. I have learnt so much about living my life fully.

My greatest love and passion is to support others in turning their lives around. Often lives that have been filled with pain and trauma, change into one of delight, lightness, inspiration and wonder.

My greatest soul wisdom is now my highest gift to the world. I have the honour of helping and supporting people on their journey of deep self-discovery. I get so excited for my clients to discover their truth and love themselves deeply.

It is my greatest privilege to assist my clients in resolving and dissolving old protections, defenses and sabotage patterns. Emotional blocks that keep them stuck in a never ending loop. Self denials and traumas that run the show. Often these individuals are so unaware of these blindspots they are unable to stop them.

My own life lessons has turned me into a soul separation detective. They have served me well. My past separation, loneliness and disconnection, came in the form of feeling:

  • Unloved, unappreciated and unimportant (no value and low self-worth)
  • Ashamed of I was (not belonging, not fitting in, feeling isolated)
  • Fear of being seen (no sense of self, no soul identity)
  • Abandoned, rejected and betrayed (excluded and disconnected)
  • Self-hatred and addiction (playing the victim, hiding the pain and grief)

I see this with such clarity now. Learning to unravel these with strong support from others has been a miraculous journey.

I can help you do the same as I have been there myself that is why. Each day I pinch myself at the incredible personal journey I have taken - where I was to where I am now!

The lessons I have learned have been so very important. They have led me to areas in my conditioning and patterning where I learnt how to explore and unravel deep recesses of pain, which were certainly not conducive to being a happy, peaceful, loving soul living a fulfilled life.

Miracle results for others

The greatest gift you can give yourself. Having greater intimacy with yourself. Loving yourself. Knowing yourself and being true to your core divine nature. The rewards from this are numerous, I am sure you can come up with particular rewards you would like to have for yourself. You will certainly improve your relationships with your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. And get to follow your true work, passions and dreams What could be better?

It is a magical process to see clients come alive with passion and energy to go forward with their dreams that once seemed unachievable before, or even totally blocked. Walking in life as an empowered soul, one who takes responsibility for their own life and blossoms like a flower.

For me it is like eating gorgeous chocolate! Going through the transition from an ego driven life to a loving soul centered journey. It gives me great fulfillment and joy to live my destiny in this way to help transition many from cocoons to butterflies.

Everyday I come from a place of intention of living a more fulfilled and sustainable life with the choices that I make.

Love Yourself. No Matter What.

Soul Separation Detective ~ Self-Love Warrior ~ Heart Bridger

"Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude. Looking forward I am filled with vision.
Looking upwards, I am filled with strength. Looking within, I discover peace.”
~ Quero Apache Prayer

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