“Wake up to your truth. Wake up to your heart. Wake up to your soul.
Know your truth. Know your heart. Know your soul.”
~ Penelope Aelfin

Dig Deep & Fly High!

Reclaim Your Zest and Vitality by Loving Yourself from Inside Out

This book has been designed to take you to your cliff edge, to find your mojo. It has been designed to create a bridge for you to cross over into your true life journey, to find out what makes your heart sing and for you to come to really understand who you are. Your job now is to know yourself, at the deepest level. Remember as a child you were often taught to be fearful of your power. There is nothing to fear.

When you are not awake or aware of your internal world, pain is given to you so you can recognize something is not OK in your world. It is a signal from your innate knowledge to wake up. It gives you an indication that there is something to understand and comprehend on a deeper level. Pain is just getting your attention, saying “Hi, look at me.”

The pains, struggles, and challenges you face come in various forms.

They test you in ways that either make you gain strength, resilience, and clarity of purpose or take you down the rabbit hole, getting you lost, confused, and overwhelmed and making your life difficult to live.

Throughout this book, I give you guidance in how to see your life differently, and share various tools you can use and put into practice on a daily basis. I give you questions to prompt inquiry into what influences you in your life right now. Different tools you can use to gain more clarity and feel more powerful. Actions steps that allow you to expand your consciousness letting go of thoughts, behaviours, emotions and struggles that are no longer appropriate, enabling you to go with the natural flow of your life.

I share with you universal principles to use as foundation tools for your life, guidance in how to design your new awareness pathway that reflects your soul, inner essence and spark. Simple strategies that you can adopt on a daily basis to support you on your way.

Please enjoy this information and your journey and I wish you magic along the way, and a new way of being that makes you shine…

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The greatest benefit of this journey is learning to open your heart, and learning to be in alignment with your own divine blueprint; and the biggest reward of all is surrendering to loving yourself unconditionally and finding your internal peace.

Love Yourself. No Matter What.

Soul Separation Detective ~ Self-Love Warrior ~ Heart Bridger

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