"Know Yourself ~ Be Yourself ~ Love Yourself.
Turn your arduous journey into an utter blessing. Not only for yourself,
for the world too." ~ Penelope Aelfin

Penelope's Approach

A New Way of Being - The True nature that you are

We are primarily here for one purpose - to fulfill our potential, to learn how to be spirit through our human form, and be, live and love from our essence. And learn how to be whole not from the illusion we have been taught and led to believe is the way.

The day of fixing and working out your stuff is over. Move forward by raising your vibrational energy, embracing and integrating your soul into the light consciousness that it already is. One of the ways to take yourself to a different frequency is to become aware of your patterns, limitations and conditioning, change your perceptions about these and allow them to be your teacher, your signposts in life.

It is a journey of being spirit with a human body, rather than a human with a spirit. It’s about letting go of the human filters, surrendering the old outmoded habits that no longer work, and allowing space for the new and the real you to arrive, the authentic you, and the deeper union with your heart!

The Approach...

Heal Your Separation - The journey of self-discovery

Know Yourself ~ Be Yourself ~ Love Yourself

The Three pillars (tenets) - The journey of coming home to yourself, to self-love, self-nurture, self-respect, and honoring yourself as the divinity you are.

The approach... ‘HEAL YOUR SEPARATION’ - The journey of self-discovery
Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Love Yourself

The Three pillars (tenets) - The journey of coming home to yourself, to self-love, self-nurture, self-respect, and honouring yourself as the divinity you are.

  • Know yourself - Dig Soul Deep and understand your story so far
  • Be yourself - Rise from the ashes, and emerge from the cocoon and learn to be your butterfly
  • Love yourself - Reclamation of the love of your own true nature and the return to your innocence

The Reward? Live your life with courage, love and passion - Shine with Radiance. Be the brilliance you are, and come out of hiding. Unleash and revel in your bigness! Live a life of grounded love, beauty and luxury. Enjoy a life of magic and joy, be a child of God, explore the perfection and pearl that you are.

The Journey of Self-Discovery – 3 Pillars

Pillar One

Know Yourself – understanding of your story so far.

We discover and identify what stands in your way, exploring the filters you have put in place that block you from having the life you were born to have.

When you are energetically sensitive you often have an inferior ego structure, which feeds itself by thinking you are less than others and that you are your conditioning and what you think and believe about yourself. Your life becomes a prison through limitation, restriction, blame, and judgement. The ego creates separation and a life controlled through fear and needing to survive.

How do we do this? We identify your blocks, blind-spots, denials, social and childhood conditioning that develop into core patterns, and which are firmly held in place by your ego to protect, defend and keep you safe. Core patterns are behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, habits, decisions, presumptions and mindsets you have adopted, often fueled by fears and emotions for the protection of your heart and true nature.

Next, we work with nine different contexts of your life so we give this inquiry a solid structure. We delve into these 9 different areas and start the journey of highlighting and acknowledging the source of your pain and how it is controlling your life.

We identify the six Challenges of Unlocking the Ego, its defense patterns and the illusion it presents to knowing yourself. We draw attention to the costs and consequences of this, become aware of what the benefits and rewards would be if this was not the case. Lastly, inquiry into where you are in balance and harmony in each area.

Why do we do this? To determine why and how your negative ego self-sabotages you, so you start to see how this keeps re-creating the same painful situations over and over again, not only in one area of your life, but often in several.

Finally, sorting out your story and bringing it together. We bring all the information from this part of the discovery process and collate it into 3 different maps highlighting what works, what doesn’t work and all the benefits in each area.

Pillar Two

Be Yourself - learning a new way of being.

It is important to know which direction you want to head and what needs to be done. It is important to know where we are so we can find out where we need to go. It's like taking a trip or a holiday, you need to know where you are on your map so you know which direction to take to get to your destination.

You now understand the six Challenges of Unlocking the Ego, its defense patterns and the resistance of knowing yourself. This is where the process of healing and starting to live in a new and more loving and heart centered way begins.

As you unravel the old patterns of the ego, a new way of being needs to be embedded in your energy fields to support you as you move forward on this journey of the soul.

What’s next? The seven Pathways of Being - how to get out of your own way and cross the bridge from your ego to your wholeness. You will learn how to apply new and different guidelines and change your perceptions of your past. You will learn how to connect with your mind, body and spirit and integrate yourself as a whole being into your physicality, as you can become your own self-authority and be in alignment with your essence.
You’re learning how to connect with your real self. You will be in a position of knowing your ‘story’ as the gift it is. You will start to have the awareness and acceptance of how you have been run by and have applied the principles of fear, attachments, addictive and defensive behaviour.

Why is this so important? You are creating a bridge and pathway that you will come to know and practice well. A method for you to use, when the stormy days come and things go to chaos for a moment, it gives you a strong foundation to move forward with trust and faith.

You will get to apply and practice new skills out in the world. Whilst creating new neural pathways by creating new habits and behaviours you start to support your highest purpose, the truth of who you are.

Pillar Three

Love Yourself - the bigger picture starts to come together, the light-bulb moments happen and the integration starts. We are now in a position to be able to cross reference all the information of the 3 maps we did in the beginning with the 9 areas of your life and start to see the connections.

The Ah-Ha’s when you see the big picture can be big! It becomes clear how your patterning and conditioning is an insidious sticky thread that weaves through your life and has control over you. It also becomes apparent how different aspects of yourself have become deeply buried, and that your life has been lived in a distorted fashion.

So what’s next? We use the information of all 3 maps from the Discovery process to develop your own Treasure map. We use the information as practical stepping stones that guide you from where you are onto a new path. You have now found your unique keys for healing your separation. You could call it your own ‘medicine’.

And then we put it all together.
Using the unique keys of your separation story, your Treasure map, we apply the guidelines of the three Keys of Returning Home to Wholeness and develop Your Soul Awareness Guide. It will give you massive impetus and help maintain the integrity of your new way of being, and will support loving yourself in this new heart centered way.

Your own Soul Awareness Guide, is a flexible guide to use as a daily reference point which supports you as you take the inevitable steps forward to living in an integrated, heart centered and loving way. No longer encumbered by separation and fear, it is your foundation rock, always there to strongly support you in every choice you take, in a way nothing has ever done before.

This is the journey of truly coming home to yourself. It is an amazing and enlightening experience to take and a precious gift. Creating and developing your 3 different roadmaps to catch your life story. Honing new skills, bringing to light your natural unique abilities. And, finally the creation and design of your own Soul Awareness Guide that will support and lead you forward.

That’s the journey! To Know Yourself, Be Yourself and Love Yourself. Let’s not be shy about this, it’s a big one. A journey that gives the benefit of tremendous richness and rewards. A life that unfolds in magical and wonderful ways gaining greater autonomy and flow.

Look no further if you are:

  • Ready to take this incredible step and jump on the roller-coaster ride of your life, and step into the mystery of who you already are.
  • Ready to let go of your past conditioning and sit in the void of not knowing, and learn about the precious soul you already are.
  • Ready to be supported and heard, are ready to get off the treadmill of life and jump out of your comfort zone.
  • Ready to commit to finding out what you have to be and do to find the real you.
  • Ready to become your own personal oasis in life and trust being led by your own true nature and essence.
  • Ready to be supported in the depth of love, and be guided by my wisdom of having been there and done that.

Remember, wherever you are in life, you cannot do this on your own. You need a mentor one who has had the deep experience of already having walked this path! I would love the honour of supporting you on this very personal journey.

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” ~ Sonia Ricotti

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