"It’s interesting to learn just how much of our ‘burdens’ we create for ourselves. Whilst I have not completed as much work with Penelope as I would like, (if I had my way it would be every day!) the work that we have done together has allowed me to have a better focus, gain perspective and learn to trust myself & my judgment."

Amanda Blake

"I have worked with Penelope for a very short period of time and I have been absolutely thrilled to have such an intuitive, creative person on my side. Penelope is like a breath of fresh air just when you need it.  Her insightful words calm the spirit providing you with the courage to take ‘the right next steps.’ Penelope is a visionary for helping others to manifest their world. Our relationship will continue to grow based on intuition, ease, joy and glory. What else is possible?"

Nancy Foss, Marketing Vision Consultant

"Penelope gave me practical skills but she also mined my past for the things that were holding me back. Since seeing Penelope I have written 10 books and achieved virtually all my career and personal goals."

Nikki Goldstein, Author

"Penelope has enormous energy and compassion for people. She creates a safe, caring and supportive space so you can go forward."

Margie Evans, Spiritual Mentor

"I am so very grateful I allowed myself to trust Penelope with my deepest fears and blocks I hold within myself... through one session and many supportive conversations afterwards she showed me a precious door to walk through towards a much required journey of self-acknowledgment and healing."

Fiona Bailey, Yoga Instructor

"Penelope’s intuition and compassion are palpable - she lives what she works. She holds the space for you to explore, transform and discover parts of yourself in a new way, find your mojo and come alive to your creative expression."

Dena Sharrock, Anthropologist

"When you learn to love yourself unconditionally you can heal anything." ~ Penelope Aelfin

"...When it comes to the self-love department, Penelope Aelfin is, in my world, one of the best I’ve ever met.  She is an extraordinary self-love master teacher because she has had her life lessons centered around that very core piece...

...You know when you are already finding yourself over and over in the self-sabotaging patterns or when you do this up and down thing where you always talk very negatively to yourself?...

...Hire Penelope, consider talking with her, because that is truly her gift to help others really come home to themselves, to heal their separation with their true divine self..."

Sabine Messner, Soul Purpose Branding

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