It’s time! Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Brilliant - Liberate your Soul


Ask yourself this question - Are you one of those highly sensitive, intuitive woman who’s missing out on a great, extraordinary and fulfilling life, that is filled with optimism and joy?

In fact, does this sound like you? Somewhere along the line, you as a woman have forgotten your own dreams and desires. You’ve neglected yourself. You’ve betrayed yourself. You play small and hide away. And you’ve shut down emotionally.

You’ve become a people pleaser. You’ve done things to fit in, maybe to save your marriage, your job, your money or your possessions. Even tried to hang on to a relationship that is well past its use-by-date.

And in this process, you’ve completely lost ‘yourself’.  When you’re drowning and feeling starved in this kind of existence; hiding from your real purpose and direction, it’s hard to know how to get back to living a life, that makes you feel joyful and alive again.

If you have left yourself out of the equation of life, I have the solution for you - RISE UP!

‘RISE UP’ is an 8-week deep dive programme for highly sensitive, intuitive, passionate and powerful women, who have abandoned themselves in life, and lost touch with who they truly are.

This is for you, if you are…

  • Feeling lost in your busy life and get caught up in other people’s agendas. And are distracted by their busyness and their lives
  • Playing small and you shut down emotionally. You have trouble expressing your truth, your voice and your passions
  • Feeling empty on the inside and are hiding out from life. And you wonder why you are where you are and what the hell your life’s all about...
  • Feeling a great sense of loss, grief and pain about this.

The truth is you may feel embarrassed about all this. You may keep it all hidden and just carry on with this seemingly disconnected way of living.

That’s what I did in my life.

Quite frankly, it was as though I didn’t fit into my own skin anymore. I was off kilter somehow. And it felt devastating each time I was rudely reminded I wasn’t living the life I had dreamt and planned. It was like having another nail go into the coffin, whilst feeling totally crushed on the inside.

My name is Penelope Aelfin, and that has been my story.

I have been a very successful corporate business woman. I’ve had a successful Interior Design business. I’ve had a thriving therapy practice. I was married twice.

I had all these things and as life happened, they all went by the wayside. The losses of losing certain things wasn’t the real issue. What was the greatest source of despair and grief for me was that I ‘lost myself’ trying to piece an old life back together that wasn’t working.

And the harder I tried to bring the picture back together, the harder I tried to make sense of the outside world, the more I lost touch with myself and who I really was.

Today, however, I guide women (and sometimes men) who have also experienced tremendous loss, to become whole again and reinvent their lives. Regardless of whether they have experienced emotional loss, physical loss, financial loss, it really comes back to primarily healing the fundamental ‘loss of self’.

I’m there as a guide and a mentor to help them heal their core wound, so they can become whole again. Reconstruct their life and arrive at that place of being a fully functional human. And as they pass through a new doorway, they step into an authentic life and identity, feeling rejuvenated and passionate about who they are, and doing what they want in life with gusto.

It’s a gift to come home and find your true essence. It’s a gift to heal your separation and reconnect with yourself again in such a way that lets you know always how precious life is. It’s a gift to wake up each day knowing how wonderful and magical it is to be alive. This is what ‘RISE UP’ is all about.

This is the very reason why I am so passionate about ‘RISE UP’.

I’m passionate about helping women, those women who’re in their late 40’s and upwards (think Baby Boomers), especially as they go through important life changes and major transitions. In fact, for anyone who has experienced major changes in their relationships status, their career and/or financial situation, become empty nesters or even have experienced the loss of someone dear to them.

I know how hard these times are, especially if you feel there is no option but to do it on your own. The truth is you don’t anymore. I really want to help you restore and reclaim that connection to yourself, so you can manage these changes that have happened. And move towards having a life that resonates with who you are at your core, so you can become the author of your own life again!

That’s why I want to give you a special offering to join my community. Come and say yes and let's ‘RISE UP’ together. Don’t live another year trying to keep it all together and getting more out of touch.

You must act now to say Yes, I want to get out of this way of living, I want to live a self-directed life again.

Yes, I want to ‘RISE UP’ and be the steward of my own world!


What’s in it for you...

  • You’ll understand how you tick. Why your wounding, your blocks, your resistances are essential to becoming the diamond you already are at your core
  • You’ll learn how your shame is a vibration that has kept you stuck, and how to unstick it to have more joy, fun and lightness
  • You ‘ll have simple skills and tools to handle your emotions, beliefs and ‘shadow stuff’ when it comes up. Releasing the need to go into protection, overwhelm, stuckness, lostness and frustration
  • You’ll step into ownership of your own life. No longer playing the victim game, blaming, shaming and projecting outwards
  • You’ll build and play in your own sandbox, play by your own rules and not at the beck and call to someone else’s agenda
  • You’ll find deep courage to jump out of your comfort zone as your inner rebel comes to the fore and you stop playing the people pleasing game
  • You’ll experience a newfound sensuality and sexuality as you release blocks stored in the body’s cellular memory. Your health will benefit as you start to unravel, relax and release patterns that have kept you stuck
  • You’ll find a new spark of fired-up creativity, reigniting your passions. Your voice rings true and playing small is no longer an option
  • You’ll have built resilience and the future has hope. You’ll feel worthy to move forward. Happy to claim your own values and step through the doorway into a new sense of your authentic self

What others are saying about working with me...

“Penelope is wonderfully intuitive, warm and caring as she holds up a mirror of truth and guides you through untangling beliefs that are keeping you stuck. You can’t begin to imagine the deep shifts that will be unlocked through working with Penelope but they will change your life – it’s a transformative and restorative experience


“Penelope held a rare and completely safe space for me. I quickly began to experience a knowing, and owning, of what has been driving my own separation from an important part of myself. This empowered me to begin making tangible changes in my life almost immediately. I am now on the road to the life I have only dreamed of in the past.


"Penelope gave me practical skills but she also mined my past for the things that were holding me back. Since seeing Penelope, I have written 10 books and achieved virtually all my career and personal goals.

N.G. Australia

“Penelope’s intuition and compassion are palpable—she lives what she works, and it is obvious in the wonderful results I’ve watched her achieve over the years. She holds the space for you to explore, transform and discover parts of yourself in a new way, find your mojo and come alive to your creative expression.”

D.S. Australia

"Working with Penelope was amazing!... She makes it so easy just to get comfortable and let it all out... .…I highly recommend Penelope if you want someone loving, gentle, humorous, and understanding to help you shift and heal all of those things hurting you and holding you back.


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G.B. Australia

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve done it all before!

I get it! You’ve spent countless years doing different therapies, and the last thing you want to do is more navel gazing. You just want all this sh-- to work out for you.

And you know what? (And I’ve experienced this whilst working with my clients). At the heart of this very problem, none of them had gone deep enough to identify and unlock the core pieces. Otherwise their lives would be looking very different.


This is exactly why ‘RISE UP’ is for you. It is exactly for those people who have done with all the processing and are still frustrated at being stuck and lost in this place.

You see, getting to the core stuff is not that hard. And once accessed, it starts to unlock everything. In fact, your Wounds, your Shame and your Shadow are intrinsically linked, like 3 parts of one puzzle. So, let’s go there one last time, let’s start unlocking this pathway so you can finally ‘RISE UP’.

Rest assured, the ‘RISE UP’ programme whilst extremely powerful, will require a commitment on your part to complete certain in-depth self-inquiry tasks each week. It’s nothing too complicated, and can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

What you can expect from the ‘RISE UP’ deep dive experience…

  • 1


When it comes to “the wound,” unless you have identified the core wound, the one that is underneath them all - the mother of all wounds so to speak - you’re unlikely going to see the shifts and results that you’d hoped for. This wound stuff is like a deeply guarded and protected area. They are your blind spots in the recesses of your psyche, and the dragon is on guard 24/7.

Worse, now that you’ve spent a fortune on healing therapies, it feels like you are sabotaging and betraying yourself. Meanwhile the wounds are festering.

I’m a master at finding those buried core wounds. You can call me the wound Roto-Rooter lady! I help you unearth it and bring it to the light, so it can’t keep you in the dark anymore.

What I’m utterly convinced about is that until you have hit that sucker right on the head, your life will stay the same and you’ll keep going around in circles.

  • 2


Wound stuff is all about emotions and how you get triggered. It’s messy. It’s scary. It’s confusing. It’s painful and sometimes heartbreaking.  It’s also powerful when you’ve healed it and incorporated the lessons. Shame on the other hand, is different. Shame is vibration, a frequency that affects everything.

Shame is like a radio station that sucks. In fact, it sucks your energy away and makes you unattractive to other people. It’s an icky feeling that makes you cringe, makes you lose your voice and makes you want to hide especially when you are dismissed by others. Before you know it, you’re making excuses for who you are, your appearance, your sexuality, your situation. It’s pitiful.

The ‘RISE UP’ programme helps you clean up this Shame vibration from your field. I know you’re done with running away. I know you’re done with being stuck, hiding yourself, your genius and your voice. So, let’s switch your radio station once and for all!

  • 3


The 3rd piece of this puzzle is your Shadow. Simply put, Shadow is disowned power in the form of an unconscious collection of adopted beliefs, negative emotions, fears, etc. The shadow follows you wherever you go and distorts your present time experience.

We’re all afraid to confront our Shadow, and yet the Shadow needs embracing. It yearns to be brought home to your Soul and the Heart. It’s part of your Hero Self, your Higher Self. You need it to be whole.

The thing is, if you check in, deep in your heart, you do know the truth. The truth that there is a deeper level to excavate, that’s never been energetically available before. And for you to be your own master of your own life, you need to reach these parts to unleash them.

The ‘RISE UP’ programme is a powerful and SAFE place to do the shadow work. A place in which to unlock your truth and stop lying to yourself. A supportive space to drill down and release the stuff that has had its use by date. A place to bring those dark secrets into the light. This is the work of the shadow and its ongoing.

Here’s what’s included in ‘RISE UP’

  • 1 x Blind Spot assessment intake call
  • 2 x private one-on-one calls
  • 1 x Connected Exit Strategy call
  • 8 x 90-minute weekly video conference group sessions
  • Weekly Assignment Tasks
  • Three Bonus Expert interviews on Pleasure, & Sexuality and Creativity
  • Private Rise Up Facebook Group
  • All mp3 recordings, handouts

Wrapping up…

It’s time to shift up a gear in your integrity. Don’t be misled, it’s a total misconception you have everything under control. You don’t!

Your ego is very slippery. In ‘RISE UP’, you’ll learn ways to turn your wound, your shame and your shadow into your best allies.  Welcoming you home to your correct potential, so you can no longer deny your true light and authentic genius.

You may still be a work in progress. And, you’ll get to know and understand the players in your subconscious. You’ll be able call to them out and communicate with them – and learn the principles of self-transformation.

I don’t work with spiritual lightweights. Only those souls who want to get to their truth and discover the parts of themselves that do the sabotage. And those souls who’ll let the light shine into the deep recesses of the debris that’s been clogging up their energetic system for a while - allowing the negative ego to come home.

Will you answer your calling? Will you join?

Yes, Penelope! I’m ready to ‘RISE UP’!

Enroll me in ‘RISE UP’ now!

$997 Paid in Full

Or 2 Payments of $547


Got questions about RISE UP? I’m here to answer them! Need a custom payment, no problem. Let’s talk! Or would you rather work with me privately?

This is the CALL you’ve been waiting for

This is YOUR invitation and this is YOUR time to ‘RISE UP’. Join forces with other women who are rising up now and reclaim what is rightfully yours as a powerful, passionate woman in your own right. You are worth it.

Don’t deprive the world of your gifts, your divine sacredness, your light and your love. When you restore yourself back to your own true nature, your essence; you allow yourself to RECEIVE yourself, your divinity – that is the ultimate gift of life.

So, let’s shine that out into the world as one, and together we shall ‘RISE UP’.

Love Yourself. No Matter What.

Penelope Aelfin
Soul Separation Detective ~ Self-Love Warrior ~ Heart Bridger