‘Rise Up’ is a 10-week deep dive programme for highly sensitive women who have abandoned themselves in life and lost touch with who they truly are.

This is for you…

  • If you have trouble expressing your voice and passions
  • Feel lost in your busy life and get caught up in the busyness of others
  • Feel empty on the inside and are wondering about the meaning of your life.

Not only that, you get stuck here, going around and around in circles trying to find a way out. A bit like Groundhog Day again and again.

The truth is you may feel embarrassed about this, keep it hidden and just carry on with this meaningless life.

This is the reason why I am so passionate about ‘Rise Up’.

Ask yourself this question - Are you one of these people who are missing out on a great and fulfilling life, that is filled with optimism and joy?

In fact, does this sound like you? Somewhere along the line, you as a woman have betrayed yourself, and forgotten your dreams and desires. You’ve neglected yourself. You’ve done things to fit in, maybe to save your marriage, your job, your money or your possessions. Even trying to hang on to a relationship that is past its use-by-date.

And in this process, you’ve completely lost ‘yourself’?  When you are drowning or feel starved in this kind of existence, hiding from your real purpose and direction, it is hard to know how to get back to really living a life that makes you joyful and feeling alive again.

Have you left yourself out of the equation, struggling to stay in this game?

My name is Penelope Aelfin, and that has been my story.

I have been a very successful corporate business woman. I’ve had a successful Interior Design business. I’ve had a thriving therapy practice. I was married.

I had all these things and as life happened I’ve lost it all. The losses of losing certain things wasn’t the issue. What was the greatest source of despair and grief for me was that I lost myself trying to piece an old life back together that wasn’t working.

And the harder I tried to bring the picture back together that would make sense to the outside world, the reality was, the more I tried, the less it made sense to me and I really lost touch with myself in the process and who I was.

Today, however, I guide women (and sometimes men) who also have had tremendous loss. Emotional losses, physical losses, financial losses, but really, it comes back to primarily a fundamental ‘loss of self’. I’m there as they find their way back to that place of being a fully functional human being again, being fully prepared to step back into their life and move forward with gusto.

To come home and find your true essence, to heal your separation, and re-connect again in a way that lets you always know how precious life is and waking up each day knowing how wonderful and magical it is to be alive. It’s a gift. This is what ‘Rise Up’ is all about.

It brings you back to that core connection to yourself. It lets you see the how and the why of it all, and how you’ve got lost in the first place. It lets you heal all that, it lets you come back home to yourself, thrive again and from that place anything is possible.

I’m so passionate about helping women, starting in the peri-menopause era and upwards, especially as they go through major life transitions and experience major changes in their life. (In fact, for anyone who has experienced major changes in their relationships status, had career or financial changes, become empty nesters or even experienced the loss of someone dear to them.)

I know how hard these times are, especially if you feel there is no option but to do it on your own.  The truth is you don’t anymore. I really want to help you re-store and re-claim that connection to yourself, so you can manage these changes that have happened. And move towards having a life that resonates with who you are at your core, and becoming the author of your own life again!

To help you move to a place of open-hearted strength and resilience to face your future with optimism and a deep sense of knowing who you are.

So, this summer 2017, I want to give you all a special offering to my community. I offer an invitation to you from the bottom of my heart to come and join me. Come and say yes and lets ‘Rise Up’ together. Don’t live another year sort of trying to keep it all together and getting more and more lost.

‘Rise Up’ summer 2017 we have a special going on. You must act now to really say Yes, I want to get out of this way, I want to live a self-directed life again. I want to be the steward of my ship and here we go here is the link ……..and I will see you on the ‘Rise Up’ calls and together we shall ‘Rise Up’.

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