The Gems of Life on your Soul’s Journey

You will come to discover as you examine your life in detail, you will need to adopt new strategies and guidelines to support you along your journey or pathway. There are two kinds of support, one to support your inner growth that is of a universal nature and one to collect tools of habits along the way that support your inner peace and growth.

When you have no stabilizing fundamentals about how to run your life, life gets the better of you, and often you feel like your life is like being in a washing machine. No direction, no firm footing and life lives you rather you living and directing your life.

By adopting fundamental guidelines you are able to start building a stronger foundation that is supportive of your growth, stabilizing your feet on the ground as you live on earth, rather than being swept up in the chaos of the times.

Below I have listed nine concepts or guidelines that reflect the universal energy that is there to support you. They build upon each other as an interconnecting web. As you choose these to be a part of your life strategy, as a new foundation for your life, you will feel more supported. When in times of despair, down times or when you are in need, you will know there is always light at the end of the tunnel! It is very comforting to lean on old wisdoms for support.

Here is an overview of a selection of Guidelines or maybe call them the Gems of Life!

  1. You are Inter-connected and One Energy – Not separated!
  2. You are Vibration – Your job is to raise it!
  3. Synchronicity – Be open and Go with the Flow!
  4. Change is constant – The only moment is Now!
  5. You create your own Reality – What you put out comes back!
  6. Your World is your Mirror – Be your own Guide!
  7. What you focus on Grows – Energy flows where attention goes!
  8. What you Resist Persists – What you Embrace dissolves!
  9. Obstacles are Opportunities – Gifts area given!

There is one other wonderful tool amongst many others that I list in Chapter 10 of my book “Dig Deep and Fly High – Reclaim Your Zest and Vitality by Loving Yourself from Inside Out and that is forgiveness for self. Forgiveness used as a tool to undo the egoic mind is, in my opinion, one of the strongest ally’s you will find in getting back to experiencing your true core self. It is a simple method and can often be challenging to apply, so continual application and practice is the name of the game.

So start applying these wonderful guidelines to your soul’s journey today and sit back and watch the magic start to happen.

Penelope Aelfin is a spiritual mentor and guide, author and public speaker. Known as the Soul Separation Detective, Penelope is on a mission to help women who think they ‘have it all’ but secretly feel lost and lonely, discover how to really love themselves unconditionally, no matter what.

She is the founder and CEO of Heal Your Separation™ and the creator of the Heal Your Separation and Soul Remembrance Journey.


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