"Overwhelm, pain, fear, loneliness and sadness are all forms of
disconnection and suffering.
Suffering is separation from your true nature."
~ Penelope Aelfin

I'm so glad you’re here. There’s nothing more important in life than to free ourselves from the dreadmill of living an empty existence. I can’t wait to guide you back to your joy.

There are two ways in which you can work with me: I offer a half-day ‘Pull The Emergency Brake’ VIP for people who need a quick intervention and a mindset shift. This is the perfect space when you’re at the crossroads. All you know is that you can’t continue the way you’ve been running your life (more or less into the ground). But you can’t see the road ahead of you.

And I offer a ‘6-month VIP Soul Remembrance Journey’ for individuals who already know that they need more ongoing support. This is perfect for people who are committed and willing to do whatever it takes to say goodbye to their old sabotaging belief patterns, behaviors and habits once and for all, and replace them with a brand new outlook on life. Before you know it, you are a completely different person on your way to living a magical, joyful life!

  • ‘Pull The Emergency Brake’

    ½ Day Mindset Shift VIP

The ‘Pull The Emergency Brake’ VIP is for you if you’re in crisis, feeling overwhelmed as what to do next. You may have trauma and are feeling emotionally stuck. Together we identify underlying causes of the challenge(s) you are facing. I assist you in shifting your perspective so you find clarity in the mess. I also guide you to make gentle yet profound changes as you begin the healing journey of loving yourself, no matter what.

If you’re feeling...

  • A deep yearning to be alive and free to be who you are at your core
  • Burdened and overwhelmed in your day to day life
  • On the treadmill of life with no fun or reward
  • Exhausted, burnt out, and running on empty with a lack of vitaliy
  • You have little or no faith and cannot surrender to the flow of life

This VIP intensive helps you...

  • Identify the root cause for the crisis, overwhelm or trauma, whether dormant silent or loud in your face crisis
  • Process the pain and panic
  • Show you how to manage this situation you are in yourself

The turning point is that you’ll learn how to relate to your ‘stuff’ differently. This VIP experience gives you the safe haven you need to not feel contracted and restricted. Coming out of the experience, you begin to understand how your toxic mindset patterns have controlled much of your life and how you can start the ball rolling to get your life back into balance and harmony.

"Are you ready for a quantum leap into a new way of being in your life? Finding a new way to harmony, balance, peace and contentment - to the life you have been waiting for?"

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  • Heal Your Separation

    A 6-month VIP Soul Remembrance Journey

We are here on this planet primarily for one purpose - to fulfill our potential. Our purpose is to learn how to be a human being as the true expression of our divine nature, so as a collective, we can bring our planet to a higher vibration for us all to live in harmony and balance.

That’s why I’d like to invite you on a deeply fulfilling journey that leads you back to the core of your heart and soul. During the 6-Month VIP Soul Remembrance Journey you learn how to recognize your core fears and patterns that are holding you prisoner. You will get the key to unlock your own limitations and liberate yourself from negative illusions.

We create a new pathway for you to view your own life journey, and make new loving decisions. We start to restore you back to your unique soul essence so that you can shine your inner radiance brightly, and fall back in love with yourself deeply.

You’ll (re-)discover the freedom of being the divine soul that you are, and have the courage to sit in the bigness and wealth of your beingness and the essential qualities of your soul!

So if you are know you are...

  • Disconnected from your true essence, feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Feeling isolated, empty and lonely and don’t think you fit or belong
  • Not feeling safe in your world and feel abandoned
  • Feeling powerless, unworthy, unlovable or undervalued
  • Adapting to life using patterns of denial, avoidance, aggression or defense
  • Fearful of expressing your true creativity, your voice and hiding your brilliance
  • Seeking more intimacy in your life with yourself and others
  • Looking outside of yourself for validation and approval

This 6-month Soul Remembrance Journey provides you…

  • A safe haven to explore and reveal to yourself the illusions you have created
  • An understanding of your life to this point
  • Solutions to help you process the pain and powerlessness
  • Skills to help you stay grounded no matter what life throws at you
  • Wise ways to deeply know yourself, be yourself and love yourself returning to the purity and innocence that you are
  • How to practice deep self-love with honour, respect and appreciation for yourself each and every day
  • A way to create true alignment and autonomy with you and your true essence
  • A guide and mentor to support, cajole, collaborate, and at times hold your hand through this time, as she knows the pitfalls through her own soul journey!

When the ‘healing of your separation’ becomes the most important aspect of your life, and you get to see how your sacred wounds are the most sacred gifts life is offering you. And when you can let go and surrender to the conflicts, pain and disillusionment life has thrown your way, you will get to understand how they can be integrated into your life’s journey and illuminate a new way for you.

This 6-month ‘Heal Your Separation’ Soul Remembrance Journey puts you in a position to receive ‘big time’ what the universe is offering you, and you can sit in the appreciation of your authenticity, and the radiant wholeness that you are.

It is time for you to move on from your story, come out of your cocoon and be the butterfly you are meant to be. I understand this is not an easy place to be, in fact it is damn hard. I’ve been there, and without my wonderful mentors I wouldn’t be here to offer my support. Remember, you need a mentor.

A breakthrough can be just a click away. I look forward to ‘meeting you’ on the call.

Love Yourself. No Matter What.

Soul Separation Detective ~ Self-Love Warrior ~ Heart Bridger

“You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t - You have wings. Learn to use them and fly!” ~ Rumi

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